Music Monday: The Funnnnn Edition

Ed & I have been stuck in our own heads so much lately. We have been processing life, intentions, our journey, new directions, careers, relationships, family and all things spiritual, in big ways. We have been sending each other lengthy texts everyday and find ourselves getting together more and more to “process.”

Although these moments of realization, questioning and soulful connecting are SO necessary, so is some funnnnn (extra nnnnns necessary).

These week’s Music Monday is dedicated to all of you who just need a moment of sillyness. Life is heavy and it requires lightness to get us through all the serious moments.

Sometimes, we need to DANCE without a care, in our chonies, with our friends. We need to high kick, jump around and sing along.

Enjoy this random act of craziness and make up your dance to it!

We want to know, how do you find funnnnnn and get outside of your own head? Please let us know in the comments!

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