Outside Forces That Shape A Spiritual Life: Part 1

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

When I think of life and my place among the millions of other life forms tossing, spinning and turning around me, I often see myself as a solar system.  In it, I’m the sun and the planets orbiting around me are life’s little surprises that are waiting to shape my future destiny.  Each one is out there just spinning around waiting for the right moment in life’s journey to make itself known.  So far, the planets I’ve explored have brought me to where I am today.

When I touched base with the first planet within my orbit I encountered planet Gay; when I allowed my rays to shine upon it, I had to deal with it; figure it out and get over it.  As dark and menacing as it looked from afar, I found the unknown terrain to be harmless fun.

Once Planet Gay became overpopulated and I had explored every corner there was to explore, it was time to move on.  The second planet I encountered was the giant gas planet of organized religion.  At the surface, it was filled with dangerous mind altering gases but at its core lie the solid truth.  I moved on from there after a long drawn out stay.

Recently after spending time seeking I found another planet in my solar system that for many years appeared to inhabit a loving atmosphere.  Unfortunately there was a volcanic explosion that clouded the sky with soot and ash and the inhabitants are currently trying to find their way out of it.

As I move forward from planet to planet, leaving behind parts of myself and taking with me what I’ve learned, I’m finding that the concept of God and the spiritual life are changing right along with it.  It’s starting to resemble a Lisa Frank type of world.

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As I look back, I realize that most of my spiritual life has been dictated by outside forces. It has probably been only in the last year that I have allowed my spirituality to be explored internally, by the soul, God and cosmos that compose my genetic make-up and sentinent being.

My spiritual journey started off being dictated by man. I listened to what man said about who God was and blindly trusted the way that God was explained to me. I did not question whether or not that was right or wrong, I openly accepted that what my pastors, my family and community leaders said about God was accurate.

As I grew older, I did have my questions and doubts, but I was too scared to voice them, I was afraid my faith would be called into question and I would not appear to be a “true” Christian.

Things shifted and changed as I got closer to adulthood, but for much of my childhood and adolescence, I followed around wherever I was led by man.

Unicorns Lisa Frank I loved all things Lisa Frank, while I was growing up and wished I could live in a world where unicorns had rainbow tails. I think that trusting naivete gives an accurate comparison of my early relationship with spirituality.

In love & sisterhood,


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