Hair in a Bun Friday: When that Bun is BARELY Hanging On

Hi all! This is Ang here with this week’s edition of Hair in a Bun Friday. Ed is still under the weather and any positive vibes, prayers and love sent out to him are appreciated!

On this Friday, even my bun is barely hanging in there. For most people who work in education or for our sisters who may still currently be pursuing their education, this time of year is exhausting (to say the least) and it has taken us so much energy to get to this point.

I know for my fellow educators at the secondary level, we are busy with finals, grades and students pleading their case at the last minute. For my friends at the primary love (God bless you, seriously. It takes a very special person to work in that capacity!), I know you are busy with holiday pageants, parties, crafts and other last minute details before the winter break.

For those who may still be on the hustle for their education, I remember those days leading up to finals, cramming for tests and frantically typing papers.

But, we made it here! This Friday is typically the last day for most, before we get a very well-deserved break.

I am heading off for my last day of work, before settling in to two blissful weeks off! I have two dishes prepared for different potlucks, I have last minute business to wrap up and kids to check in with before the break. I really hope my bun can hang in there for one more day and then, I am shaking my hair out and metaphorically letting it all go for the next two weeks.


We want to hear from you! Please comment and let us know what is putting your hair in a bun this Friday?

In love & sisterhood,


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