A Request & Break from Chasing Out El Diablo

Ed & I will be back to update you on our “Chasing out El Diablo” series, but were taking a break today to put in a request.

One of the motivations behind this blog is to hopefully create a community, a place where we can open the dialogue about topics ranging from spirituality to sisterhood and everything in between.

I would like to put in a request from this community, to please keep Ed in your thoughts, prayers and meditations. Ed took a nasty fall over the weekend and hurt his shoulder pretty badly. This injury has been coupled with some other personal hardships and is just making life difficult.

Any prayers, thoughts, positive energy or encouraging words for him are definitely appreciated. We love this community of support and sisterhood and look forward to continually cultivating a positive environment.

Ed, you are the Lucy to my Ethel and we will back up to no good, soon.

In love & sisterhood,


One thought on “A Request & Break from Chasing Out El Diablo

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