Music Monday: The Last Week Edition

This week is one that almost everyone who works in the field of education eagerly awaits. It’s almost time for our wonderful Winter break. It’s the half-way point into the school year and time off is sorely needed. I am definitely looking forward to having two weeks of rest, quiet and a slower pace.

The past week was busy one for me and I spent most of my weekend napping and lying around. Sunday afternoon, I finally felt fully rested and I was motivated enough to pre-make big batches of food for the week to be portioned off for quick lunches and dinners.

From clockwise direction:


Quinoa edamame salad, veggie stir-fry, fresh juice & miso mac n cheese. All meals are vegan and gluten-free.

I feel rested and ready for the week ahead and not having to cook much more than re-heating is an added plus. But, I know by Friday morning, I may be barely hanging on and singing along with Carnie Wilson.

What song is getting you through this week?

In love & sisterhood,


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