Hair In A Bun Friday: When Wrapping It Up Simply Isn’t Enough

Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Carrie Bradshaw

Hair in a bun Friday is a symbolic gesture for wrapping up the work week and surviving on what little energy is left.

Lately life has been very busy for Angelina.  After working with students over two weeks straight including the weekend without a break – she’s ready to break. As for myself, I’ve started to see the light at the end of the tunnel on a personal issue I’ve been dealing with over the last several months.

Although I have been sticking with my spiritual practices on the daily to get me through my issue and Angelina has remained conscious of her yoga routine and healthy diet, we both agree that there are times when healthy coping strategies simply aren’t enough.

This morning I text Angelina this picture with with the caption: Uuuh, we totally need this right now!


Angelina and I have never been smokers but we both agree that there’s something to the idea of lighting up a cigarette next to an open window and smoking away the stress.  It’s even more fun if you have on a pair of gold bangles that make lots of clinking noise while swishing away the smoke that happens to make its way into the room.


Even though our blog is a spiritual journey between two sisters, we believe that every once in a while it’s okay to divert from the usual and dive into something else – with moderation.  Here’s hoping all our sisters try everything with moderation this weekend.


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