Hair In A Bun Friday: When There Was No Need For Such A Day

Youth is wasted on the young – George Bernard Shaw

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my parents.  Now that I’m older and have a little bit of worldly knowledge under my belt, I love to reminisce with my mom about life and how she experienced it.

While growing up, I only saw the version of my mother who tied her hair up in a bun on Fridays after a long grueling work week behind a sewing machine.  She was dedicated to her family of four and sacrificed a lot.  But before that time, there existed a carefree woman who had friends of her own with lots of leisure time for herself.  Here is a picture of her prefamily:

Mom is in the back row, center.

Mom is in the back row, center.

Mom has a special photo album that she’s carried around with her since we were young; it carries a lot of her early days as well as our childhood memories.  As every year passes and I revisit this particular picture, it takes on a different meaning.  This year I realized that there was a time in her life when she didn’t have to tie her hair up in a bun out of frustration or from pure exhaustion; it was a carefree time when her dreams were only meant to be realized.

Thank you mom for all you’ve sacrificed.


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