Music Monday: The Energizing Edition

The past week was a wonderful, rejuvenating experience. I restored my soul at the beach, mountains and desert. I found peace, rest and healing. I turned 31 with ease and am ready for the year ahead.


Now, it’s time to get back to business. Ed & I both return to work this week after vacation break. I have a particularly long week ahead of me and will be working all weekend, supervising and assisting at CCEJ’s Building Bridges Camp where I will be taking a group of students all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

For the long haul ahead, I needed an energizing song. One of those songs you just cannot possibly sit still when it is played. I am loving this funky, upbeat song by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson.

This week when I start feeling fatigued, I pull down my imaginary fedora over my eyes and dance through the situation at hand.

What song always gets you energized and moving?

One thought on “Music Monday: The Energizing Edition

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