Music Monday: The Grounding Edition

Ed & I are both fortunate enough to have this whole entire week off! This is one of the many bonuses of working for the public school system. I have to say, this week is SO incredibly needed. I have felt myself caught up in the absolute whirlwind of work. The past month has been hectic and I found myself going in earlier, staying later and skipping yoga classes or my morning meditation, to be at work more.

I definitely need some time to reconnect back with the earth, beings outside of work, my soul, my source and guides.

I find that connection strongest in the morning, when I wake before everyone else in my home, light some candles, diffuse lemongrass oil, drink herbal tea and journal, read, meditate, sit and BE.


I also find that connection in nature. It has been far too long since I have been amongst the beaches, deserts and mountains of Southern California and I plan to visit each of those landscapes, in this next week. (You can follow my journey to Venice Beach, parts of The Pacific Crest Trail and Joshua Tree through my Instagram.)

This song is from an album of chants by Sacred Spirit. I was completely entranced the first time I heard it. It calls to me and draws me in to a state of relaxation and meditation. It’s called “Cradlesong” and it definitely resonates within me as a song of nurturing, care and unconditional love.

I feel the need for all of those things currently and plan to spend this week giving myself just that. I feel the need to be grounded and connected, renewed and refreshed to return to work after my vacation and prepared to be better.

How do you find that connection and grounding, when you lose it?

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