Hair In A Bun Day Friday: Hair Color, the Dark Woulds and God

“…new life starts in the dark. Whether it is a seed in the ground, a baby in the womb, or Jesus in the tomb, it starts in the dark.” Barbara Taylor Brown

All this week I’m on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday which means: no make-up, no tight fitting clothes and my hair will be in a bun all week.  If I could, I’d join all my female friends who’ve decided to color their hair a shade darker for the fall and winter season. Fun!!

This week Angelina and I wrapped up our three part series: Youthful Decisions and the No Clue Blues.  Sometimes, life’s decisions take us into a dark period that never seems to go away.  Somewhere in between finishing school and working full time, life became a bit dark.  It all started when I realized that I was no longer floating in dreams of the future but actually taking part in life.  Ever since life came after me, I’ve needed to adjust myself around it and it hasn’t been easy.  I needed some encouragement in this area so when I heard about this next book, I bought it immediately.  This week I finished listening to (I’m an auditory learner) Barbara Taylor Brown’s book:

9780062283931In the Catholic tradition, as well as other Christian faiths there is the idea of the dark night of the soul.  Read more about it here. In her book, Barbara explains how necessary it is for a person to go through dark periods in life – these dark periods represent spiritual growth.   

Angelina and I both experienced the dark woulds: If I could I would get a divorce; If I could, I would come out of the closet.  Although we both didn’t know it spiritually, we were experiencing our own dark night of the soul when considering these life altering decisions. One of the benefits of being young is the ability to make these decisions without a second thought.  I’m finding that as I get older, major decisions are much harder to make when factoring in such things as: comfort, stability and predictability.  Today, If I could, I would leave my current job and find something less stressful.

But for now, I’m going to pretend to color my hair a shade darker for the winter season; it’s a much easier decision to make.


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