Music Monday-The Reiki Edition

This past week, I had my first ever reiki session with my fellow yoga teacher and friend, Jasmine. I had heard of reiki,but never experienced it before. I was interested in what it would be like to have my aura cleansed and chakras aligned.

Jasmine has such a joyful, calm and healing energy. I knew I would like her when I sat next to her in a yoga class and saw her pull out a bag of essential oils to use before we begin. I was ecstatic to hear she offered reiki and set up a session immediately.

15185363883_9564fd5af3_o At the end of our session, Jasmine said my chakras were pretty aligned and she could tell that I did not hold on to too many things for a long time, that I was good at letting them go. This has not always been something that I have been good at, but that I have worked hard on the past couple of years.

She also shared with me a vision she had while working on me. In Jasmine’s words, “in the vision you were grounded to the earth, but also stretched long through your crown chakra to meet Source and your heart chakra was bursting with green energy, and then the doves flew out of your solar plexus.”

When she told me this, I stopped EVERYTHING I was doing to process what this could mean. Which means, I immediately started texting Ed so we could talk back and forth to analyze.

After taking  time to process, journal and research what it could mean, here is my take on the vision.

The solar plexus chakra is tied to strength and balance. Balance, especially, is one of my largest struggles that I work hard to achieve.

solar plex The heart chakra is associated with love and forgiveness.

I have been working towards being more open, loving and balanced in my life. This blog has been very therapeutic for me as I have started to explore and share about aspects of my life that I was not necessarily ready to deal with before. As I have delved into Religious Roots and The No Clue Blues, it has been emotional, at times, but healing to realize I have enough strength to comfortably share about the ups and downs of life.

Last week, I was also the guest blogger at Yoga By Candace and shared about my dad’s murder, two years ago and how yoga has helped me heal. It was emotional to type that post, but also freeing. I have worked hard to deal with these situations and have found strength through the healing process.

I think the vision is tied to that new found openness. I think before, I used to view vulnerability as a sign of weakness and want to always viewed as strong. However, in the last few years, I have found more strength in being open, honest and making peace with my flaws and mistakes. In that vulnerability I have become more rooted to the earth and more connected to other beings. It is my hope that sharing my experiences, weaknesses and flaws (all my doves) will resonate with others and potentially help them through trying situations.

And maybe that is what it sounds like, for doves to cry.

In love and sisterhood,


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