Music Monday: The Country Edition

Ed & I have a new anthem. Kacey Musgrave’s “Follow Your Arrow.” This song has become our new theme and a way to ask ourselves if we are being authentically true to our hearts, or going through the motions? We have some DEEP posts planned for this week, and as we begin to dig into our pasts, we discovered moments in our histories when we were being completely unauthentic and lost in a world of meeting others expectations or trying to be something we really were not. This left us feeling drained and unhappy. We have noticed, as I am sure many of you have, that when we have been authentic, honest and raw, although feeling vulnerable, we also feel happier and more fulfilled. I feel happiest when I am not always trying to be “the strong one” and allow myself moments of weakness. I feel fulfilled when I doing good things for others and myself. I feel most energized when I am eating healthy and doing yoga. I feel restored when I speak up and say “no” to invitation when I really just need a nap instead. I feel most creative when I have allowed myself to have the time to read, write and meditate. This is how I follow my arrow and keep on the spiritual path. What way is your arrow pointing this week?

In love and Sisterhood,


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