Hair In A Bun Day Friday: God As Platform

Psalm 118: 22 The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.

In the life of a spiritual bahana, there are many details to consider when shopping for the right platform.  Some of those details, such as: height, stability and strength are necessary in order to feel confident when walking around town.

In the great platform of life, friends, partners and careers can also give us that extra boost of confidence we might need in order to feel successful.  Eventually, when the newness of it all starts to wear off, we’re left with what is and the cycle to find the perfect platform continues.

In my journey to find the Creator, my career was the last fit I tried on before I took a tumble on the great catwalk of life.

Top teen model Lindsey Wixson takes a tumble at Versace and in those shoes, could anyone blame her 1

First, I tried religion as platform, but that only left my soul feeling bound and suppressed:


Next, I tried cultivating a false lifestyle, but that only left me feeling separate and alone :


Then I tried a more intellectual platform to stand on; it fit, but it left me feeling anxious and stressed:


Finally, I decided to wear nothing and let my feet enjoy a more natural platform:

z-bare_feet_in_grassIt wasn’t until then I realized that all along I’d been standing on the one true platform that holds all things together.

Hope all our sisters remember that no matter what platform you find yourself standing on today – just thank God you’re standing!










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