Youthful Decisions and the No Clue Blues: Part 1

“You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated.” Maya Angelou

Angelina and I have a ten year age difference between the both of us but one of the things we share in common is the understanding that we both didn’t have a clue about life when we were eighteen.  Although we both reached legal status at separate times, we agree that our decision making abilities were very limited.

In those vulnerable teenage years, life’s hopes and dreams are as big and innocent as Ariana Grande’s budding music career:

Nickelodeon's 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards - Arrivals

But if the wrong decisions are made, either by ourselves or others, we can find that life will eventually have the last laugh:


In the next couple of blogs, Angelina and I are going to discuss both the good and the bad decisions we’ve made in the past and how they’ve shaped us today.



Last month, I attended a conference held at the university I attended from the ages of 17-21. I walked onto the campus as a 30 year old, and no longer a student, but a high school counselor, present for professional purposes.

As I walked around the campus and looked at familiar spots with different eyes, I realized at that time, I had NO CLUE.

I remember texting Ed that day and telling him how weird it was to be back there and remember how smart I thought I was, at the time. I thought I had life allllll figured out and planned. I thought I had finally arrived. I was finally out of provincial high school and in a university surrounded by others who actually wanted to be there. I knew I wanted to get my degree, get into graduate school, get married, start a career and start a family.

I thought because I had planned so well and worked so hard that life would work out exactly how I wanted. I thought because I had done what I was “supposed to” I would be rewarded, because this is after all, America.

Looking back now, I am glad my life did not go the way I thought I had wanted. I had some BIG, no HUUUUUGE lessons to learn along the way and I am quite content to know that I still have so much to learn.

I started off my 20s like this:

HTRA208 VV054 And ended more like this:

britney-confused Please check back for our NO CLUE series, to read about some of the ups and downs we have had on this crazy road!

In love and sisterhood,


What were some of your impressions of the world at 18?

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