Music Monday: The International Version

This week’s Music Monday is heading south of the border and highlighting one of my childhood idols: Selena.

When I was younger, music in Spanish was mostly sung by men and listened to by my dad and uncles when they drank. Selena came on the scene and broke through the male dominant barriers of Tejano music. Finally, us girls had someone we could relate with! She was brown, spoke our language and danced to our beat. I was immediately a fan and crushed when she was murdered.

I have stayed a loyal Selena fan and still listen to her music. Her songs are upbeat, fun and  always get me moving. They are a wonderful balance of cumbia flare and girlish fun.

Selena is exactly what I need to get me moving on a Monday morning. Bidi bidi bom bom means…well, nothing! FUN! You decide what you need it to mean to get your through this and dance around to it. Make sure to do the washing machine!

What song gets you moving on a Monday morning?

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