Music Monday: Shake it Off Edition

Last week draaaaaaged. Ed & I both had a few situations to deal with where we needed to tap into our coping mechanisms, to find our way through.

Sometimes those coping mechanisms were healthy:


online yoga class and diffusing essential oils

Aaaaand, sometimes they were less than healthy:

gorging on bean pupusas after work

gorging on bean pupusas after work

We definitely needed to shake some things off.

Each morning, I found myself listening to this song more than I care to admit, for motivation and silliness. When I first heard it, I thought it was insanely ridiculous with absurd lyrics. Although I still think that, I have accepted it for what it is and surrendered to the playful attitude and super fun beats.

I get what Taylor Swift is saying. We spend most of our adult lives trying to problem solve, care for others and be responsible. With all of that going on, who has time for the small stuff? Those are the things I want to be better about shaking off and not allowing to get to me upset or stressed.

I am hoping this week I can shake those things off easier and focus more on the important things.

Happy Shaking!

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