Religious Roots: Part 3

We have been delving into our religious past and where we are presently, in the previous posts of The Religious Roots series. In this last post of the series, we are exploring where spirituality will fit into our future lives.

I have decided that spirituality, not religion will now be what navigates my path to God, morality, decision making and soul searching. What does spirituality mean? I have given this a lot of thought and I am not sure I have one, succinct, confident answer. But, what I think it means to me now, is still looking to connect with God and live on that path of connecting, but not finding it through any one church or set of rules. As I talked about in our previous post, I am currently finding God most in nature and through yoga.

My current work is showing God’s love through compassion and kindness. It has taken me years to try to understand what that all means, and I still will not pretend that I have it all figured out. When I think of God, the first thing I think of is love, however, that is absolutely NOT the first adjective that comes to mind, when I think of church. I need to work to continue to find and exhibit God’s love.

My hope for the future is to keep myself open to any path that leads me closer to God. I am still continuing to explore other teachings and modalities that explain God in a way that makes sense to me. I will continue to try to live love, peace and compassion and hopefully, have a positive impact on the world around me.

In love and sisterhood,




“We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness.  God is the friend of silence.  See how nature – trees, flowers, grass grows in the silence; see the stars the moon and the sun how they move in the silence…we need silence to be able to touch souls.” -Mother Teresa

I use to believe that Jesus was two dimensional:SacredHeartJesus3

This was the picture that greeted our family at the door whenever we entered the house.

Today, I experience the Creator in third dimension.  I feel the Creator closest when I’m at the beach.  The magnitude of the water; the smell of the ocean air; it’s all a reminder that I’m not here by accident – someone or something had to have created such a beautiful place.

photo 2 photo 3 unnamed (2) unnamed IMG_0089

I’m at peace with my relationship to the Divine.  Although I still use traditional methods for connecting with the Spirit, I’ve learned that God is more than four walls and a funeral.

Peace sisters,


4 thoughts on “Religious Roots: Part 3

  1. Sometimes we need to separate ourselves from all the church shenanigans to find our peace and hope and reason why we are here on this earth! I believe that God really turned my leaving the church into a good thing, because I left out of hurt, and bitterness and just irritated with man running everything. And, I think about that quote by Mother Teresa, saying that “We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness…” And, separating myself from all that “noise” was actually kind of a good thing, because I was able to see the real heart of man there, and was also able to draw closer to God, because I didn’t have peace, I was restless. I rediscovered the love of God by re-seeking Him, and my purpose here on earth. One thing I know we are taught in church is not to question God, but I believe He wants us to. And, I questioned a lot this past summer, and God met me where I was, and gave me so much peace. But, anyways, love the pictures, and what better way to connect with God than to be out in His creation?!!


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