Music Monday: The Mariah Edition

This week’s edition of Music Monday is all about Mariah Carey. Because, sometimes, Mondays’s styles are as varied as Mariah’s, you never quite know which face or sound it will bring.

Maybe, this Monday will have a traditional and innocent feel to it. It will sound like a classical ballad and amaze you with it’s offerings.


Maybe it will be larger than life, an unstoppable diva that you cannot help being awed by.


Maybe, it will completely surprise you and change up it’s look. It might throw in some breathy sounds you are not used to and even add a rap collaboration into the mix.



Or maybe, it’s heading for great, big ol’classic breakdown.The kind where exhaustion and hydration are to blame for erratic behavior.

Unknown images-4

I think the best of Mariah’s songs to describe Mondays is “Emotions.”

Maybe you had a nice, restful weekend and are ready to tackle the week ahead of you. Maybe, you still need a weekend, just to recover from the weekend. Wherever you might be this morning, Monday’s are generally filled with emotions.

Here is hoping that your day is filled with high notes!


Which Mariah do you feel like this Monday?

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